Central Pennsylvania Creative Professionals
For our third Brand[Aid] event, we are once again working with a great local nonprofit tackling an unseen problem in our community. Members of [CP]2 will work together to create a logo, stationery suite, website and more.

Mid-State Literacy Council, provides adult education instruction in Centre and Clearfield Counties. Founded in 1971, the Council offers basic literacy, English as a Second Language, and family literacy services to adults who are in need of the basic communication skills needed to navigate through their day-to-day activities.

MSLC provides low-cost tutoring programs and classes to adults learning literacy and English language skills in Centre and Clearfield counties.

Today, one-on-one tutoring and small classes are offered by 225 trained tutors to more than 250 adults in Centre and Clearfield counties. Trained volunteers share their skills by teaching reading, writing, math, English, basic computer, health, and financial literacy.

“We are thrilled to be working with the talented Brand[Aid] team. Their vision to expand Mid-State Literacy Council’s reach and impact is a generous leap forward,” Council Executive Director Amy Wilson said.

STEP 1 — Create a logo

We are soliciting member for a new Mid-State Literacy Council logo. Here’s a link to the Creative Brief to guide you in creating a new visual identity for the organization.

Submissions are due on June 8.

You can email your submissions to hello@cpsquared.com

On June 14, the [CP]2 Board will narrow the submissions down and present the best to Mid-State Literacy Council, which will choose their new logo.

STEP 2 — Workday

On Saturday, June 30, members will meet at Impressions WHQ and crank out as much work for the organization as we can. Please join us in this cooperative effort!

Click here to sign up to attend the workday.

STEP 3 — Finalizing

Over the summer, we will continue to work and refine Mid-State’s marketing materials. If you are unable to help during the workday, please reach out to be a part of this process!