Central Pennsylvania Creative Professionals

For our fourth Brand[Aid] event, we had eight amazing applicants. They all had great stories and are doing wonderful things in our community, but unfortunately, we could only choose one.

This year we will work with Interfaith Human Services to develop a logo, stationery suite, website and other branding materials for the longtime Centre County organization. The nonprofit is a collaboration of faith communities working together to provide resources and guidance to low-income families in Centre County with the goal of moving them toward a point of economic stability.

Please review the Creative Brief for more background information and logo submission guidelines, and sign up for the workday on June 29.

STEP 1 — Create a logo

We are soliciting members to create a new Interfaith Human Services logo. Please use the attached Creative Brief to guide you in creating a new visual identity for the organization.

Submissions are due on Friday June 7.

On June 20, the [CP]2 Board will narrow down the submissions and present the best to Interfaith Human Services to choose their new logo.

STEP 2 — Workday

On June 29, members will meet 3 Dots in downtown State College and crank out as much work for the organization as we can. Please join us in this cooperative effort!

Please sign up to attend the workday here.

STEP 3 — Finalizing

Over the summer, we will continue to work and refine IHS’s marketing materials. If you are unable to help during the workday, please reach out to be a part of this process.


We will reveal the final results at an event in September—time and date is TBD.

Download the Creative Brief here.