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2020 Bracket Award Winning Entries
Christian Baum

Tradeshow & Experimental


Winner: Christian Baum
Gold Winner

Client: Primrose Schools
Christian Baum, Tori Dickson, Liz Holtzinger

Primrose Schools wanted a unique experience to provide to their staff, who spends their days teaching and overseeing young children. This “kit” was completely designed from the ground up. It offers various custom cards with activities on them, star sheets for tracking use, e-learning experiences, small gifts wrapped up in burlap bags, and booklets (Coaching Notes). That walk the coach on each site, as well as the staff through how to use the kit.

Elements – Illustration


Winner: Christian Baum
Silver Winner

Client: Confidential
Christian Baum

This illustration was done to convey a comfortable, informal atmosphere for which their food show could be conducting casual networking, as opposed to high top tables in a large open space. This den-like atmosphere encouraged personal one-on-one connections, a bar for drinks, a warm fire and other engaging books and materials. Illustration was completed using ProCreate on the Ipad.