Central Pennsylvania Creative Professionals
For our second Brand[Aid] event, we had 20 amazing applicants. They all had great stories and are doing wonderful things in our community. It was difficult to choose, but one was clearly being held back by their current marketing.


Taproot Kitchen is a grassroots nonprofit organization serving the Centre Region. It is a community of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (ID), their families, and friends who meet regularly in State College, PA to cook and garden. They grow, pick, glean, preserve, cook, and serve healthy local food.

Taproot Kitchen serves individuals who have aged out of the systems in place, seeking to create a community for its members as well as help those members be more integrated into the wider community. Partnerships with local chefs, gardeners, restaurants and other nonprofits have already led to a robust program.

In order to help Taproot Kitchen meet its goals of providing a community hub where individuals with ID can take root—where everyone has a place at the table—members of [CP]2 will work together to create a logo, stationery suite, Facebook page and more.

STEP 1 — Create a logo

We are soliciting member for a new Taproot Kitchen logo. Here’s a link to the Creative Brief to guide you in creating a new visual identity for the organization.

Submissions are due on June 13.

You can email your submissions to hello@cpsquared.com

On June 14, the [CP]2 Board will narrow the submissions down and present the best to Taproot Kitchen, which will choose their new logo.

STEP 2 — Workday

On June 24, members will meet at Impressions WHQ and crank out as much work for the organization as we can. Please join us in this cooperative effort!

Click here to sign up to attend the workday.

STEP 4 — The Reveal

We will reveal the final results at an event in September—time and date is TBD.

STEP 3 — Finalizing

Over the summer, we will continue to work and refine Taproot’s marketing materials. If you are unable to help during the workday, please reach out to be a part of this process.