Central Pennsylvania Creative Professionals
Why enter your work? The short answer is you’re really good at what you do. The slightly longer answer is your work deserves recognition and it can help you attract clients, reward staff and find inspiration.

2017 [CP]2 Bracket Awards Submissions

All entrants must follow submission rules. Electronic submissions for ALL entries are REQUIRED. All entries (excluding Audio, Video, Online/Digital, Three-Dimensional) must ALSO be mounted to black foam core board which will be utilized for judging and displayed at the Bracket Awards.

General Entry Information

When are the Brackets?

May 13, 2017
6 PM to 10 PM

Penn State Downtown Theatre / Woskob Gallery
46 S Allen St, State College, PA

Entry Deadline

The entry deadline is Wednesday April 19, 2017. There will be a Happy Hour that day to submit your work and celebrate your entries.

Entry Fees

The entry fees:

  • 1 entry – $30 Members / $40 Non-Members
  • 3 Entries – $75 Members /$100 Non-Members
  • 7 Entries – $150 Members / $200 Non-Members

All work must have first appeared in the media or launched between April 1, 2016 and April 19, 2017. All work must have been the result of paid creative services and media placement in the normal course of business.

Competition is open to companies, agencies, institutions, and individuals located in Central Pennsylvania. You do not need to be a [CP]2 Member to enter your work.


Categories are listed in our online submission system. Please note that you must indicate the audience as Institutional/Non-Profit, Business to Business, or Business to Consumer.

2017 List of Entry Categories:

1) Broadcast — Television
2) Broadcast — Video
3) Broadcast — Radio

4) Print Advertising — Newspaper
5) Print Advertising — Magazine/Publication

6) Online/Digital — Website
7) Online/Digital — Microsite
8) Online/Digital — Digital Advertising
9) Online/Digital — Publication/eBook

10) Social Media — Campaign Graphics/Videos

11) Publications — Annual Report
12) Publications — Magazine/Journal Cover
13) Publications — Magazine/Journal Feature Story
14) Publications — Magazine/Journal Design/Redesign (cover to cover)

15) Book — Cover/Jacket
16) Book — Design/Redesign (cover to cover)

17) Brand Identity — Logo
18) Brand Identity — Stationery Package
19) Brand Identity — Packaging

20) Collateral — Catalog
21) Collateral — Direct Mail
22) Collateral — Brochure
23) Collateral — Dimensional
24) Collateral — Presentation/Deck Design

25) Out-of-Home — Billboards
26) Out-of-Home — Signage
27) Out-of-Home — Point of Purchase
28) Out-of-Home — Posters
29) Out-of-Home — Vehicle Wraps
30) Out-of-Home — Ambient/Environmental

31) Trade Show / Experiential / Events

32) Elements — Photography
33) Elements — Illustration
34) Elements — Infographics
35) Elements — Animation

36) Integrated Media / Mixed Media Campaigns


Submission Guidelines


All entries must be submitted through our online submission system:

All entries must:

  • Meet all eligibility and deadline requirements
  • Be entered in the correct category and be correctly identified
  • Fully complete online entry form(s)
  • Print and tape entry forms onto the back of foam core board entries
  • Conform to defined submission requirements
  • Conform to all copyright laws

Note that we also need your work (excluding Audio, Video, Online/Digital, Three-Dimensional) mounted on boards to display at the Brackets Gala. In addition, you will be required to provide a high resolution CMYK JPEG(s) for each entry during the submission process.

Electronic Payments:

Upon submission completion, please add up your totals and make payment online.

You may also pay by check—made out to Central Pennsylvania Creative Professionals. All submissions and payments are due by April 19, 2017.

Entry Guidelines

Physical Entry Guidelines (companion entries used for judging and the award show):

Print-Related Entries:

Print and flat-art entries must be mounted on 18 inches x 24 inches black foam core. Print series samples can be reduced in size to collectively fit on the 18×24 board. Multiple-page entries (magazines, brochures, etc) can sit within a pocket–which is to be mounted to the board. Large books do not need to be mounted. Print out your entry form for each submission and tape it to the back of your entry board.

Three-Dimensional Entries (Packaging, Dimensional Collateral, etc):
All physical three-dimensional pieces must not require any construction. Does not need to be mounted to boards. A photo file of the dimensional piece is preferred over flat/mechanical art file.

Note: Do not send original or irreplaceable artwork. All entries become the property of [CP]2 and will not be returned. Submission of entries acknowledges the right of [CP]2 to use them for publication, exhibition and marketing of the organization and future Bracket Award shows. Print out your entry form for each physical submission and tape it to the back of entry.

Shipment of Entries

Entries must be submitted through our online submission system. Physical entries can either be dropped off at the CP2 Bracket Awards kickoff party or can be mailed or hand delivered to:

Impressions WHQ
2330 Commercial Blvd.
Suite 600
State College, PA  16801

Judging Procedures

Bracket Awards are either Gold or Silver. Entries are not judged as best and second best. Rather, these awards are a measure of excellence. As determined by our panel of judges, any entry that reaches the Gold or Silver level will receive that award.  That means for some categories there will be multiple Gold and Silver Awards. For others there may be none.  Our panel of judges solely determines what rises to the level of Gold and Silver. Winners will be announced at the 2017 Bracket Awards show. One award trophy will be given per winner—additional trophies may be ordered.


If you have any questions please contact one of our Bracket committee members. You can start with Mark Dello Stritto at markdello@weareloaded.com or Rich Frank at Richard.Frank@accuweather.com.